Million Dollar Patent

In patent prosecution, the Patent Office fees are usually quite low when compared to the cost of hiring a patent attorney.  I’m predicting that the usual equation is not quite true for Angiotech International who was recently asked to pay $1.25 Million in application filing fees for a patent application having about 10,000 claims.  (File Attachment: Fee Due.pdf). 

As would be expected, the patentee quickly submitted an amended specification that cut the disclosure to three independent claims and 96 dependent ones — thus reducing its PTO bill to only two grand.

As Greg Aharonian noted, it is lucky that the applicant was a small entity — otherwise the fee would have been over $2,000,000. (Published Application)


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    Interestingly, if you look at the case on public PAIR, they actually filed 13,305 claims, but the USPTO “only” charged them for 9,999 – it appears that the PTO computer overflows at 10,000.

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