Upcoming Events:

  • January 26, 2007 at the San Jose Museum of Art: We’ll be discussing transnational scope of U.S. patent laws. $225 for practitioners; $0 for academics and government types. [LINK]. West-coast heavy hitters include Lemley (Stanford), Keiff (Hoover Institution), Ochoa (SCU). Also starring Dan Burk (MN).  Three big bloggers, Eric Goldman, Michael Geist, & Dennis Crouch.
  • February 16, 2007 at UC Boalt Hall (Berkeley): Perspectives on Patent Law and Innovation. Judges Linn, Prost, Rader, Whyte, & Patel, etc.[LINK]
  • February 23, 2007 at Duke Law School: IP Hot Topics Symposium (with CLE credit). Blockbuster panels on patents and file-sharing. Judge Dyk has the keynote lunch address. [LINK]
  • February 23, 2007 at Ohio State: The Future of Patent Reform [LINK]
  • March 15–16, 2007 at DePaul (Chicago): [LINK]
  • March 29, 2007 at Catholic Univ (DC): Ethical Issues in Patent Law [LINK]

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