Patently-O Bits and Bytes

  • USPTO Design Day: April 6 at the USPTO. Speakers include Bob Stoll (Patent Commissioner), Jasemine Chambers (USPTO Tech Center Director), Clive Roux (ISDA), Perry Saidman (Saidman), Richard Stockton (Banner), Susan Farley (Heslen), Damon Neagle (Design IP), etc.
  • USPTO BPAI Conference: April 7 at the USPTO. Speakers include Director Kappos, Federal Circuit Chief Judge Michel and Judge Rader, BPAI Chief Judge Flemming, and Vice-Chief Judges Moore and MacDonald, Greg Morse of the USPTO Central Reexamination Unit, Todd Baker (Oblon), Gary Harkcom (Greenblum), Steve Kunin (Oblon), Michael Messinger (Sterne), Brad Pederson (Patterson), Theresa Rea (Crowell), and Charlie Van Horn (Finnegan).

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    Design Day” will be a virtual day on account that design patents are not real patents per IANAE.

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