A Few More Patent Law Students at the University of Missouri

MUEvery year I have a great group of about ten patent law focused students.  It is a bit crazy, but our quite small regular law school faculty includes three patent attorneys and several adjunct professors. We offer a wide variety of intellectual property courses – including patent law, patent prosecution, patent licensing, and a number of soft-IP and technology law courses.  I'm excited that starting this fall, our introduction to intellectual property course will be taught by Federal Judge Nanette Laughrey who has presided over dozens of patent lawsuits.

A good number of my patent law students end up working with me on various independent study projects. And one (Lawrence Higgins, 2L) now writes for Patently-O.

Bottom Line: I would really enjoy having four or five more patent law students.  For what its worth, current tuition at Mizzou is about $17,000 and out-of-state tuition is typically waived for 2L and 3L students and for 1Ls with a fairly high LSAT score. 

Now, in the current market, I don't want to be seen as encouraging folks to attend law school who would have otherwise continued working as an engineer or scientist.  However, if you are planning on law school, then please take a look at Missouri.