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  • Read the new Patently-O Patent Law Journal Essay by Prof. Sarnoff. He explains some of the problems arising from the elimination of section 102(f) in the new Patent Act.
  • I’ll be at the Houston’s 27th Annual Institute on Intellectual Property (in Galveston) this evening and tomorrow. I look forward to seeing you there. – Dennis
  • Intellectual Ventures has filed its first patent infringement lawsuit using its own name. Intellectual Ventures I & II v. Motorola Mobility, Inc.  The case was filed in Delaware using the new Feinberg Day firm and former Judge Joseph Farnon’s boutique firm as local counsel. The case asserts six patents: 6,412,953,  6,557,054,  6,658,464,  7,120,462,  7,409,450, and 7,810,144. IV obtained the patents from various sources, including Hyperspace Communications, Malibu Networks, Khyber Technologies, TeleShuttle, and the Taiwan-based company Industrial Technology Research Institute. The case is also interesting in that Google is a major investment in the Intellectual Venture funds and is also in the process of merging with Motorola.

4 thoughts on “Notes from DC

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    Let me see if I can get all my Ducks in a Row here.

    He knew all along it was my Idea.
    He knew all along I was never told I needed to Notarize either Application.
    He knew all along what they were doing to me. And he more than likely was Cashing in on my Property!
    But he still gave “Us the TV.” How old are You? Grow UP!

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    Wow, what a total piece of crxp.

    It’s like a book club sending you an invitation to buy a book that you haven’t purchased from them yet, except it uses a POWERFUL COMPUTER BRAIN.

    Special thanks to the rank amateurs responsible for granting this travesty. USPTO = joke.

    Intellectual Vectors: Even More Scxmmy Than You Thought

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    I picked another at random… 6,557,054 – it’s ridiculously broad. It covers any downloadable software repository, where the software available for download is selected based on what you haven’t already installed. That’s pretty much the Ubuntu (Linux) Software Center!

    1. A computer implemented method for distributing software from a remote computer system to a user station, the method comprising:

    responsive to an identification of software already installed on the user station, presenting a directory of software available for installation on the user station and not already installed on the user station;
    sending to the remote computer system over a communications network a selection of software for distribution to the user station, wherein the selection of software is selected by a user at the user station responsive to the directory; and
    receiving from the remote computer system over the communications network software indicated by the selection.

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    Picked that one at random, apparently it’s just a patent for a standard smart phone with a docking station where the docking station is controlled by the phone and has a display also controlled by the phone, the docking station has no processing unit itself, and is fully operable only with the phone docked. I’m not exactly impressed. With a FD of 05′ that shouldn’t take more than a day’s work to find art for.

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