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    Patent year 2012 is ready and USPTO granted new patent record 254,666 (from 8,087,094 to 8,341,760, own counting)

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    And greater than 99% of independent inventors and entrepreneurs … don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to the validity of issued patents.

    But hey, since you believe that high a percentage are invalid, it should be quick and easy for you to list 10 of them.

    Go ahead; we’ll wait …

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    6 forgets this and thinks that Quality magically improved overnight

    I’m pretty sure that 6’s comment suggested the exact opposite of what you just wrote, anon.

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    Or c) Kappos came in and lowered the boom and said “Quality does not equal Reject

    It is funny that 6 forgets this and thinks that Quality magically improved overnight.

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    PTO Examiner Apologist: Those are offset by the equally record setting number of rejections…

    Meat Inspector Apologist: “Sure a few kids died last week. The important thing is McDonald’s is turning a profit. Heck, I eat there every day.”

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    Yes I would have to say that this has been my experience lately as well. Either a. people’s claim drafting has gotten better or b. people are willing to settle for less, on average of late. I get new applications coming in that are just absurdly narrow of late. Perhaps it is the blow back from KSR finally hitting home in newly applied for apps, I don’t know.

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    Those are offset

    Are you saying that patents don’t create jobs, or somehow don’t count as much, if unrelated applications get rejected during the same fiscal year?

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    The prior record was set in 2011 with just under 225,000 utility patents.

    No doubt all that job creating is partly responsible for the record high employment levels in the US. Imagine all the jobs* that could be created if Maestro Kappos would simply grant all the pending applications that are currently held hostage!

    *legal jobs, you know: hard, honest work for the sorts of people who deserve a decent salary in the first place

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