11 thoughts on “March 16 is this week

  1. The old pudding was rancid enough without the new additions. No duty of candor period what part of crooked dont they understand

  2. They know fully well there shutting down the system to entrench the encumbants from competition and deny inventors there cival rights the only question is why arent they being fined or expelled for it.

  3. Hopefully that court hearing the Madstad case will issue a preliminary injunction. He should do it, if he is going to do it, before March 16.

    If the injunction doesn’t issue, I think we all know how the court will eventually rule.

  4. I want to see the ratio of applications filed this week vs next week for Eli Lilly, 3M, Johnson & Johnson, and GE, the four companies that pushed for this.

  5. So we are all rushing to get our applications considered under pre-AIA law. If the propenents of AIA had been correct, we would be intentionally delaying, instead.

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