Recent Patent Assignments

Recent Patent Deals from the USPTO Assignment Records:

  • Ericsson transferred over 820 patent families to the publicly traded company known as Unwired Planet, Inc. (UPIP). Ericsson will receive a percentage of any revenue generated from the patents. (20% of first $100m; 50% up to $500m; and 70% of any additional revenue). Unwired has lawsuits pending against both Apple and Google.
  • A new company known as BRIGHT SUN TECHNOLOGIES, seemingly headquartered at the offices of Fenwick & West, has purchased 100+ patents from Marathon Solutions. Those patents previously belonged to AOL. See Patent No. 8,335,834.
  • The transfer of patents from EASTMAN KODAK to INTELLECTUAL VENTURES have begun to show up in the assignment records. See Patent No. 6,804,407. Apple also recorded a block of Kodak patents
  • Frank Bisignano (JPMorgan COO) obtained another two dozen patents from Inselberg Interactive.
  • Nokia transferred about thirty patents to a new Las Vegas entity known as MEMORY TECHNOLOGIES LLC. See Patent No. 7,172,454.
  • Bankrupt ORMET CORPORATION has transferred its patents to the WAYZATA INVESTMENT PARTNERS as part of a restructuring process – apparently as collateral.
  • As part of a deal with Sanofi, COVIS PHARMA has received the patent rights for a set of Sanofi drugs. See Patent No. 6,297,254.
  • A new company founded by Heidi Zak and Dave Specter – MeCommerce – has obtained a set of patents covering methods of custom fitting and ordering clothing. Although the patents look interesting, they have already bounced through three other companies. See Patent No. 6,711,455
  • And last but not least, the OPEN INVENTION NETWORK added a few more patents to its portfolio.