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    community loses its children?Capturing the swirl of opinions surrounding a school shooting, … My Soul to Take surprises and confronts audiences. It was performed in February for school groups and the public at Flint’s Ann D. Elgood Theater (which was named after FYT’s founder).The performance collage is deliberately nonprescriptive, weaving together the roles and perspectives of the media, politicians, government workers, parents, classmates, and victims.Young actors ask in plaintive voices what everyone in the audience is thinking: Can’t somebody do something?Audiences also meet the mother of a slain child in a moving series of monologues, each of which begins, After the shooting, it seemed like there was always someone from the media coming up to me and asking me ‘how it felt.’ She describes her son as a youngster full of imagination and love, a precocious, increasingly private adolescent with a passion for music.It is only toward the end of the play that audiences realize this son was not a victim of the sh
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    States back into the process.Shortly after taking office, the Bush administration rejected the Kyoto process, which set specific targets and timetables for reducing carbondioxide emissions. Instead, the White House elected to try to reduce the economy’s greenhouse gas intensity a measure of the amount of greenhouse gases emitted for a given level of economic growth, which can allow emissions to rise.It is on the issue of adaptation including the question of who pays to help poorer countries adjust to changes that the Hadley study is expected to create the most buzz in Buenos Aires.As similar attribution studies are conducted and refined, and climate models improve in their ability to capture changes over smaller patches of the planet and shorter time periods, very soon, it might be possible to sue for damage caused by climate change, suggests Daithi Stone, an Oxford University climate researcher who was part of the team reporting the results.Others doubt that direct suits will be possible, since it will be di
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    German states will have to come up with the money for compensation. His position has ignited a highly public disagreement between the federal and state governments.Even more problematic, however, is the case now pending in Strasbourg. Some fear that if the original pre1945 owners are also found to be entitled to compensation or even a return of their land much of which is leased to large agricultural concerns by the state it could severely damage the region’s robust farming industry.The legal instabilities could very easily harm what development we have seen, says Till Backhaus, agricultural minister of Mecklenburg Vorpommern. What should I doSend home the businessmen who have invested a billion euros in our farm industry since 1989?For Sell, at least, January’s judgment is a welcome end to a cause that has consumed him for 12 years. He says that he and his family paid for their land a 25acre parcel near the Polish border through decades of sweat. As the time passed, we developed, of course, the feeling th
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    revenues and spending 75 percent of the time. Since 1948, Congress has balanced the budget only seven times and not once since 1969.DESPITE Speaker Gingrich’s mandate requiring the House to produce a balanced budget by 2002, there is little to impose the necessary discipline. The balanced budget amendment was defeated, and statutory requirements enforcing deficit reduction have proven largely ineffective.James Thurber, a political scientist at American University in Washington, says that despite opinion polls suggesting public support for deficit reduction, the defeat of the balanced budget amendment indicates Americans still cling to their favorite government programs.”The lack of will on the part of members of Congress to pass the balancedbudget amendment reflects a lack of will on the part of the American public to balance the budget,” he says. ”You have to go to the tax code and entitlements to balance the budget.”In fact, Congress is considering both cuts in entitlements and taxcode reforms. House Repu
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    Indeed, with the Dolphins season all but over, it is Miami coach Joe Philbin that Authenitc”>http://www.packersofficialproshop.com/27_Eddie_Lacy_Authentic_Jersey.html>Authenitc Eddie Lacy Packers Jersey is concerned about his players not going to the game Limited”>http://www.eaglesofficialnfl.com/9_Nick_Foles_Authentic_Jersey.html>Limited Nick Foles Eagles Jersey with the same attention span and intensity that they normally carry. And he made that point to the team at their meeting today.”I sure we’ll all be aware of that, yeah. No question. But I don’t think that changes what our goal is for the weekend. I think we’re trying to win this game regardless. It could be different if some other teams win, but that’s really out of our control. We’re just going to go out and try to win.We don know if Tannehill will be that guy. That why he played over Moore. We are looking for White”>http://www.officialnflbearsprostore.com/98_Corey_Wootton_Authentic_Jersey.html>White Corey Wootton Womens Jersey the franchise QB Moore will never be. Can find that guy with a mediocre vet spinning his wheels on the Men’s”>http://www.officialnflredskinsjerseys.com/59_London_Fletcher_Authentic_Jersey.html>Men’s London Fletcher Limited Burgundy Red Team Color Jersey field at Sun Life. Had to start the process this year. There is no debate, Moore is a nice guy but a mediocre vet qb who has hit his ceiling. Tannehill is an inexperienced rookie with great attributes and a high ceiling. What is so hard to understand about this?”Obviously it a concern,” Philbin said today. “When I signed on to coach the 2012 Miami Dolphins, I knew there were 16 regular season Nike”>http://www.officialnflbearsprostore.com/90_Julius_Peppers_Authentic_Jersey.html>Nike Julius Peppers Pink Jersey games to be coached. I have the same focus and our staff has the same focus and same sense of urgency we had when we opened the season in Houston. There Elite”>http://www.buccaneersofficialonline.com/22_Doug_Martin_Authentic_Jersey.html>Elite Doug Martin Buccaneers Jersey shouldn be guys talking about what I doing New Year Eve or I doing this, that and the other thing. Because we know the task at hand is a large one. So absolutely it a challenge.”Well, it turns out the Patriots have a lot more to play for than Miami. So forget the idea of Tom Brady taking the Cheap”>http://www.freeshippingcheapjerseys.us/>Cheap NFL Jerseys day off or the Patriots laying down against Miami.Spoken like a true winner. Monte, I disagree, they will be VERY motivated. That why they go to the Playoffs every year. Teams who take games off are teams stuck in mediocrity.Nope, Philbin doesn want to see his players packing Nike”>http://www.jetsofficialnfl.com/87_Jeff_Cumberland_Authentic_Jersey.html>Nike Jeff Cumberland Jersey their golf clubs in the their trunks this week. And as for that happening in New England? Forget it.Some Dolfans that had a wide view of the seasonfinale against New England figured the Dolphins might be playing for a playoff spot the Patriots wouldn really have much to play for Chris”>http://www.nflofficialrams.com/13_Chris_Givens_Authentic_Jersey.html>Chris Givens Youth Jersey as they had already qualified for the playoffs and perhaps a rest for the postseason beckoned.Can this silly ridiculous debate stop once and for all? The fact that Moore is a veteran QB who has played on three different teams against multiple defenses in different offensive systems clearly means he has more experience and probably SHOULD be better than Tannehill at this point in the rookies career.IMO I think it is clear that the Dolphins and especially THill have to play mistake free if they hope to have a chance to beat the Patriots.The difference between 79 and 88 is HUGE! Miami players should understand that. It the difference between a losing Season and a .500 Elite”>http://www.nflofficialrams.com/88_Lance_Kendricks_Authentic_Jersey.html>Elite Lance Kendricks Pink Jersey Season. Just like in Sumo. Win 6 matches, and you nobody. Win 7, and you go to the next Orange”>http://www.officialnflbearsprostore.com/15_Brandon_Marshall_Authentic_Jersey.html>Orange Brandon Marshall Womens Jersey level and are somebody. There a hard cutoff, where 1 more win makes all the difference. Miami should play this game like it was the SuperBowl. But one thing the Patriots won do, is lay down.But that not the point. The point is he is not now nor was he ever going to be the Dolphins franchise QB. If you are licking your chops thinking he going to go to another Men’s”>http://www.broncosofficialproshop.com/26_Rahim_Moore_Authentic_Jersey.html>Men’s Rahim Moore Limited Black Jersey team and get Elite”>http://www.footballraidersstore.com/45_Marcel_Reece_Authentic_Jersey.html>Elite Marcel Reece Grey Jersey them to a super bowl you dreaming.But he couldn beat the rookie in training camp. Hes been on three teams and will probably be on his 4th next season, as a backup. His only wins last season came against inferior teams with losing records. I don believe for a second Moore would have been any better this year especially without his favorite target in Game”>http://www.footballcowboysstore.com/5_Dan_Bailey_Authentic_Jersey.html>Game Dan Bailey Womens Jersey Marshhall.A good showing by Miami against a firedup Patriots team win or lose would be great. That means minimum turnovers and penalties. Miami in the lead or keeping it close would be a good measuring stick. Patriots would not want a repeat of the Jaguars game so they won “play down” to Miami this Sunday.”We’re trying to build some confidence this week in what we’re doing, go out and Navy”>http://www.packersofficialproshop.com/37_Sam_Shields_Authentic_Jersey.html>Navy Sam Shields Packers Jersey have good practices, and go out and see if we can execute Authentic”>http://www.nflofficialcardinals.com/11_Larry_Fitzgerald_Authentic_Jersey.html>Authentic Larry Fitzgerald Pink Jersey better than we have been,” Brady said.”I sure we’ll all be aware of that, yeah. No question,” quarterback Tom Brady said. “But I don’t think that changes what our goal is for the weekend. I think we’re trying to win this game Dolphins”>http://www.dolphinsofficialnfl.com/11_Mike_Wallace_Authentic_Jersey.html>Dolphins Mike Wallace Authenitc Jersey regardless. It could be different if some other teams win, but that’s really out of our control. We’re just going to go out and try to win.If I were Steven Ross, Jeff Ireland, Joe Philbin or Dawn Aponte. this would be the game a stayed the closest to the team, the game I would listen the closest to what was being said, the game I would watch the intensity level and the effort level of each and every player. even the one who ride pine 95% of the game. I would watch my coaches, Doctors, Trainers and even the friggin ball boy.The Patriots may be playing for a firstround bye if they win and get help elsewhere.Philbin wants to make sure Dolphins do alsoAnd why is winning so important regardless of whether it means a firstround bye or not?And when it became time to decide the first names out the door. Those who allowed this game to become a “WalkThrough” or did not perform at a pro level would Elite”>http://www.jetsofficialnfl.com/27_Dee_Milliner_Authentic_Jersey.html>Elite Dee Milliner Kids Jersey be the first out the door. I would not want my players to play Womens”>http://www.packersofficialproshop.com/30_John_Kuhn_Authentic_Jersey.html>Womens John Kuhn Jersey to get hurt. but if they could blow off a game against a hated division rival. What would they do against a team who could give THEM a byweek next year.???The old football adage about peaking at the right time applies here. Pats WERE peaking until 49ers game and Jax has now jolted their confidence. Look for Brady to want to put up 40+ pts Sunday and drive the offense for them to get back on track. (However, I think Womens”>http://www.nflofficialrams.com/77_Jake_Long_Authentic_Jersey.html>Womens Jake Long Blue Jersey they keep Gronk on the sidelines as a precaution.)

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    The image and text are a reference to the movie “Princess Bride”. Both the movie and the image are very funny.

    Does that help?

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    A circular-reasoning illustrative hypo, assuming that the background image is copyrighted.

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    It’s IP humor on an IP blog. What additional “context” is needed?

    Although possibly it’s a reference to the proposed “fair use” defenses for patent infringement …

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