12 thoughts on “PTAB Appeals 10-Second Survey

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      Leopold is not Guttag, Sarah, and Leopold has not trashed you. I think you’re barking up the wrong tree, as they say.

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        I know what I read talking about how proud his Dad would be of him. That’s some Dad. Is that how he rolled? Are you trying to strengthen the comment by calling me Sarah? That is great… have at it! Reminds me of the woman I know who’s husband was mad at his son for getting caught, not for the crime itself, but being a stupid criminal!

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    Yeah, the problem with this is that they are making the PTO like our society. The 1 % live a good life and the 99% have a hard life. Now, gee, there is first class at the PTO and economy class. The economy class can take 5+ years to get a patent. First class (as it is coming) can get you a patent in 1 year.

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      excellent — I was thinking the same thing(and now many highway express lanes are up for sale to the wealthy even though all americans have paid for the freeways)

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      Maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to think that mo patents (and their associated apps and appeals) is the best thing of eva! Careful what you and anon wish for, you might just get it.

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        off subjectYou want to know what really irritates me. We had a system where the people paid for all the dead beats health care. Now in order to make it an upfront fair everybody pays system he comes up with a way for everyone to pay. We were paying anyway. The healthy pay more because they use it less. The sick get cared for by a society that should take care of it’s people. So why didn’t the Commander and Chief speak so all the people would understand what he was doing? Instead he said things that people didn’t understand, and also seemed to think that everyone would be able to retain the same company with the same input ( finances). Why couldn’t he have said this in the first place, leaving open the coverage saying it may cost you more but you’ll be covered better? Maybe just maybe there will a Commander and Chief one day that says what he means. Wow wouldn’t that be refreshing. And who ever it is at the time can accept the fall out which will be minimal if it’s done this way. We will either yay or nay. Warning: The surgeon general says don’t hold you breath.

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