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    I wasn’t sure whether this post or the recent copyright post was the best place to put these, but I chose this one. When I look for really intellectually stimulating commentary, I go to the Sunday comics. I thought these two were particularly relevant to intellectual property:

    link to gocomics.com

    link to gocomics.com

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    The chances of Malcolm recognizing the banality of his oft repeated “English as a first language” / Vinnie Barbarino script being flushed down the toilet with the comics….

    (not high)

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      One would think that the comic section is where Malcolm would hang out, and yet, his absence on this thread speaks volumes.

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      That totally is. Who is the guy beside him?

      The funniest part about the whole comic is probably the bit about “a guy came up with software for …”

      The patentee admitted they never even wrote any software didn’t they? They didn’t “come up” with any software what so ever. They “came up” with some patent applications and a dream for some software.

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        That’s a serious reach to try to find some anti-software angle.

        It’s not a good reach.

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    Enjoyable, but the “Even freaking brilliant code…” comment in the penultimate box is a real foul ball, because there was not ANY code at bat or even in the game in Alice.

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    So 101 has been reduced to “everything is patentable except what we, the supreme court say is not, but we are not going to give any say what that is in advance.”

    What a hoot.

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        No – only one hand – look closely and see the motion lines, indicating the Justice is furiously hand waiving his “reasoning.”

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    “Know what I’m saying? We don’t need to define the strike zone.”


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      The funny part 6 is that your lack of understanding of why we even have a patent system is highlighted by your attempt at humor.

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    lol – love the moral of the story: “How deep the rabbit hole.”

    (Malcolm’s Vinnie Barbarino response of “Huh? What?) need not be posted)

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    aaand COMPLETELY IGNORING the software train wreck issue

    LOL – and who made that call? 😉

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    Be careful with that translation step of (4) – U.S. jurisprudence has long recognized a wider span for the Useful Arts (no matter the attempts to re-write history).

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