You are Invited to Mizzou!

We’re hosting a March 13, 2015 event here at the University of Missouri School of Law along with Missouri’s Center for Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship and would enjoy seeing you. The focus is on Intellectual Property issues in the University Setting and should include interesting discussions that bring together thoughts from the legal, business, and academic perspectives.  [online brochure].

In addition to a smart program, we’re able to secure 5 hours of CLE credit, lunch, and a reception afterwards — all for no charge.   The event is free and open to the public, but we do have some space limitations and would like you to register by contacting Laura Coleman at or 573-882-5969.

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If you are looking for CLE before March, you might try the PTAB webinar put on by Andrew Williams and Jay Schafer on February 25, 2015. [LINK]

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