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Anthony McCain is a law student at Mizzou where he is focusing on intellectual property; He has a background in mechanical engineering.

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    link to

    [Google’s checklist-for-driving] patent proposes a checklist the smart car might follow after the driver selects autonomous driving.

    LOL It’s a “smart” car, you see. And it uses a checklist to determine stuff. Wowee zowee!

    How ridiculous nonsense like this gets issued post-Alice is anybody’s guess.

    Heckuva job, PTO. And shame on Google and its patent attorneys who stuck their heads in the sand and shoved this through the system.

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      Do you just spam every single article on this blog with these comments about the same exact issue you’ve put in the comments for other articles?

      We get it. You’re against any patent that uses a processor for anything whatsoever. Is it really necessary to state that 20-50-100+ times a day on this blog?

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