Publication of the Patent Case Management Judicial Guide (3rd edition)

District Court judges (and their clerks) across the country now rely heavily upon Patent Case Management Judicial Guide – that has now published in its third edition.  Professor Peter Menell (Berkeley) has lead the multi-party effort in cooperation with the Federal Judicial Center. Its popularity with judges means that it is also a necessary tool for patent litigators.

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The Third Edition ads substantial coverage of managing litigation to deal with parallel proceedings at the PTAB, pleading standards, patentable subject matter, claim construction, enhanced damages following Halo, and reasonable royalty disputes. The treatise also covers recent developments in ANDA and biologics litigation, design and plant patent litigation, and litigation at the Federal Court of Claims. The appendices provide case management checklists and exemplars of patent management filings.

8 thoughts on “Publication of the Patent Case Management Judicial Guide (3rd edition)

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    Most Ridiculous Claim of the Year Nominee:

    1. A user agent equipment for operation in an evolved packet system (EPS), the user agent equipment comprising:

    a non-access stratum (NAS) protocol layer configured to generate a NAS service request message comprising an EXTENDED SERVICE REQUEST and identifying a service type related to circuit-switched (CS) fallback; and

    an access stratum (AS) protocol layer configured to set a radio resource control (RRC) establishment cause (EC) of an RRC CONNECTION REQUEST message, the EC based upon the service type related to CS fallback identified by the NAS service request message, wherein when the service type is “mobile originating (MO) CS fallback”, the RRC EC is set to “MO data”.

    Super serious stuff. Read about more of BLU’s desperate monetizing schemes here:

    link to

    1. 3.1

      The article is NOT about “BLU’s” desparate monotizing schemes, Malcolm.

      In your hurry to denigrate, you have gotten the main player wrong.

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    Good stuff about the judicial guide thing. I think our good bud MM must be glued to computer this week reading all about his hero Soros getting haxored and having all his dirty laundry spilled everywhere. Like I told you before MM, I didn’t have any documentation about his activities before. But now we certainly do, and the media won’t even cover it (huge surprise).

    link to

    1. 2.1

      now we certainly do, and the media won’t even cover it (huge surprise).

      OMG it’s like some kind of big conspiracy against all the awesome onservatives out there! It must be the same amazing power we liberals use to keep the conservatives off the Sunday talk shows.

      I think our good bud MM must be glued to computer this week reading all about his hero Soros

      Right. Because it’s really really important! Without Soros, we’ll never be able to stop Trump and all the rest of the entitled ign0rant racists out there in the Republican party. Never, I tell you!


    2. 2.2

      6, everyone knows that Soros is the puppet-master, and makes his money off of illegal stock manipulation. link to The guy’s criminality is noted.

      What I find interesting is that people in the Democrat party do not have a problem getting in bed with this felon. Tells you something: 1. everybody has his price, and with some, it is not very much. 2. If one agrees with the donor’s politics, one can turn a blind eye to any illegality.

      6, do you have any idea what Bernie thought of Soros? Did he too excuse his illegality because of this support of causes of which Bernie approves? Check this story. It looks like Bernie likes the blind eye as well.

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