AIA Patents: Now Most Issued Patents are AIA Patents


The chart shows the results from a ~9000 patent sample showing the percentage of issued patents that are categorized as “AIA Patents.” The key feature here – as of the past couple of months most newly issued patents are AIA patents.  It will likely two-more years before we’re up to 80%.

Dennis Crouch

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Law Professor at the University of Missouri School of Law. Co-director of the Center for Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship.

3 thoughts on “AIA Patents: Now Most Issued Patents are AIA Patents

  1. The plot clearly shows +10%/6 mo, so in two years we’ll be at 95% AIA issued patents.

    1. Thanks Gene – Although I drew a line here, I did not mean for the line to forecast the next two years. I expect for the curve to drop-off a bit as the pre-AIA application bolus-of-stragglers fight for scope and issuance.

  2. Any corresponding increase in the AIA PGRs that these AIA issued patents are subject to for the first few months after they issue?

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