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Anthony McCain is a law student at Mizzou where he is focusing on intellectual property; He has a background in mechanical engineering.

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    Wow, Google certainly sets a very high bar. These monopolies can really demand a lot as people can be sure they will be here for a very long time.

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    The “desired narrative” – as a result of the hands on editing- bears little resemblance to the original contributions on this particular thread.

    “La Vee”

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        More posts this morning – with objective evidence of impartial editorial controls have been removed from two different threads.

        This too, is not likely to see the light of day for long….

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    “Patents are junk in the U.S. and that’s why I’m burning my patents,” Paul Morinville

    Probably not sufficient to qualify as a legally effective disclaimer of patent rights but it would be fun to present this evidence in court. “The patentee has admitted his patents are junk, your honor.” Fun times.

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      I can imagine a protest of mom and pop operators sued by patent trolls (I am looking at you Hawk Technology Systems) in front of the PTO burning patents saying, “Patents are junk in the U.S. and that’s why I’m burning this patent.”


          You have created some counter-factual fantasy to justify MM intentionally misrepresenting what the protest was about. Just offensive.

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      Never ends with you MM. You are —of course–intentionally conflating the value of the patent with the value of the invention.

      Never ends with you. I guess it will end when you retire from your paid blogging job and you will be replaced by someone else.

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    Patent Lawsuits Drop 21 Percent In The Eastern District Of Texas

    Nobody could have predicted this delicious result.

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