Patent Attorney DIY: ModustrialMaker

I really enjoy Patent Attorney Mike Clifford’s high quality YouTube channel modustrialmaker – highlighting his “modern industrial DIY projects.” The channel now has more than 30,000 subscribers and 1 million views.

The video below shows his latest work – a white concrete table with a live-edge maple inlay.  After watching the video, I do feel enabled to make and use the same without undue experimentation.

Great work!


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    Thanks for sharing this Dennis. It is a fun hobby, and there are more overlaps to patent law than one might think. Hearing yourself explain things on video really gives you a good idea how you sound when speaking to a client (and has made me aware of some areas where I can improve). I’m curious to hear what my fellow patent attorneys think of the videos.

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      As a patent attorney, I’d like to know more about that concrete composition. Is it patented? If the aggregate is glass fiber, what’s the cement?

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    After watching the video, I do feel enabled to make and use the same without undue experimentation.

    Hmm, may I take from that comment that you feel that it is perhaps time to step away from 37 CFR 1.2*** and provide/permit patent applications to be submitted/supplemented by/with video?

    ***37 CFR 1.2 Business to be transacted in writing.

    All business with the Patent and Trademark Office should be transacted in writing. The personal attendance of applicants or their attorneys or agents at the Patent and Trademark Office is unnecessary. The action of the Patent and Trademark Office will be based exclusively on the written record in the Office. No attention will be paid to any alleged oral promise, stipulation, or understanding in relation to which there is disagreement or doubt.

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      I have certainly taken part in interviews with an examiner in which we showed the examiner a video.

      If the issue were enablement of the written description, why not use the application as a script to produce a video how-to to show that the application really fulfills the enablement requirement.

      The showing of such a videoclip could help with clarifying misunderstandings or identifying specific issues of contention.

      MPEP 713 describes when and how to use videos during the examination process.

      link to

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