Issa stepping down from House

Joining Rep. Goodlatte, Rep. Darrell Issa has also announced his retirement from the House of Representatives.  For the past several years, these two have been the most active House members in the patent law area.   I received a funny email from Paul Morinville’s US Inventor group stating that “Thousands of US inventors are applauding Rep. Darrell Issa‘s decision to not run for re-election in California’s 49th district, and they’re hopeful his replacement will fix the job-killing problems the Congressman caused by weakening the nation’s patent system.”

Issa is a listed inventor on dozens of patents (utility + design) related to the car alarm company he founded.  This background meant that Issa was both knowledgeable and interested in the U.S. patent system.




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    I am one of the thousands of inventors. What is so funny? Issa’s incessant hearings and bills about imaginary trolls, mountains of “bad patents”, and his laughing at witnesses that warned him he was destroying patent system – that was funny, kind of…

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    Can you please write an article on this Apple Admission

    “Apple Says Secret Lobbying Campaign Swayed PTO Trial”

    link to

    Should this be brought to attention for executive Influence / Due Process Concern with PTO Trails !

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      “Should this be brought to attention for executive Influence / Due Process Concern with PTO Trails !”

      Um this is why he won’t write about it. You must be new here.

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      Apple’s position is that the inventor must be punished for exercising his first amendment right to petition his government for redress of grievances. His grievances comprising pervasive corruption in the PTO. America, land of the serfs and home of the corporate overlords.

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      As soon as Voip-Pal or its attorneys became aware of the ex parte communications, they had a duty to formally notify Apple and the board ….

      Instead, the newly constituted panel held a trial and issued its final written decision in Voip-Pal’s favor on Nov. 20.

      At the time Voip-Pal CEO Emil Malak hailed the decision as a new era at the PTAB. “I’m hoping that we at Voip-Pal have started a trend that will show judgments based on merits rather than a bias towards infringers,” he told IPStenchPuppy, the world’s worst patent bl0g.

      You didn’t start the trend of tr 0 lls behaving badly, Emil. You just added another name to the long list of corrupt morally bankrupt t 0 0 ls who associate themselves with Big Jeans. Well done!


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    Well, with one of the good guys (from a patent perspective) gone from Congress (Conyers), it’s nice to see that being balanced by Issa’s future departure. But it will only take effect in 11.5 months, so he’ll still have time to do damage (or not fix the damage he helped caused).

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