Patent Office Updates

  • The next PPAC Meeting will be on August 2, 2018 starting at 9:00 a.m. I usually attend via webcast that works well. [Agenda and Links]
  • Former Acting PTO Director Joseph Matal has moved into the role of Acting Solicitor of the agency as well as Acting Deputy General Counsel for Intellectual Property Law.  Congratulations Joe! Former Solicitor Nathan Kelley has left the office that he joined originally back in 1993 as an examiner.
  • EPO is highlighting its new office in The Hague. The Video below is worth watching if only for the dramatic background music.

6 thoughts on “Patent Office Updates

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    I thought it was an interesting choice to have Dr. Evil come and address the attendees.

      1. 1.2.1

        Dr. Evil is the antagonist of the first Austin Powers movie. He appears at 3:28 in the video above (yes, i understand that it is actually the architect Jean Nouvel).


          Hah. Thank you. I haven’t seen that movie.

          Yes I had a suspicion it must have been the bald unsmiling, grim-looking French guy in the shiny black suit, black shirt, black tie. Visually very striking, like the building he designed.

          And what about his name, eh? “Nouvel” as a name for an architect. Nom de Plume perhaps. Or a nice example of nominative determinism?

          I wasn’t sure though, because the other French guy who addressed the gathering is seen by quite a few people as another candidate for the powers role.

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