Inventors per patent application

by Dennis Crouch

The chart above shows that the trend is continuing — more inventors per patent application.  The rising series are applications with 3 or more listed inventors and the declining series are those applications with only 1 listed inventor.  The percentage of applications with 2 listed inventors is remaining fairly constant over the past 15 years.  I’ll do a follow-up showing that more-inventors correlates with higher allowance rate.  The series stops in Spring 2018 because of the 18-month publication delay of new applications.

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      LOL – The Ends justify the Means for you for this very same political entity, but when the Ends even hint at not being the Ends that you want, you whine away.

      Maybe your whining would carry some small weight if you actually paid attention to the lack of Rule of Law when it came to matters which concern THIS blog: patent law.

      As is, this is nothing more from you than yet another OFF-patent law rant based on your feelings.

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      What’s the deal with that court case before the supremes anyway MM? Are they trying to get rights by judicial fiat (trying to read trans people into sex protections etc.), or are they trying to take away rights that were literally given by the congress explicitly (trying to have a lawl protecting some group declared unconstitutional etc.)?

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    link to

    The data is pretty clear for the USA. If it weren’t for foreign inventions being filed in the USA, then our PTO would be laying off employees.

    Our innovation is dying.

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