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    “Legal scholarship has begun to consider”. I don’t see how anyone can put the two words together. “Legal” and “scholarship” do not exist in the USA anymore. The articles about “legal scholars” being paid to write papers to abstracts proves that point.

    Please tell us your source of funds and stop pretending you are doing scholarship.

    If this is scholarship and not advocacy, then who do we file a complaint with for unethical conduct on the part of the author?

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      It’s worse than pure advocacy.

      It’s advocacy under the cloak of “objective knowledge” by those who not only should know better, but are the ones that turn around and teach burgeoning lawyers.


      On another thread, MaxDrei made reference to a Prof. Haidt, and I provided a link to a clip of his that help explains just how the situation has come about. Bottom line is that the academia lost its mission to teach critical thinking skills and became an echo chamber of grooming those who were the most fervent “believers” of a desired narrative.

      1. 1.1.1

        It is the mighty dollar has paid off these people. They are just your average scu m b a gs.

        Where the rubber hits the road is with tax exempt status of universities. Universities like Stanford that foster people like Lemley should have their tax exempt status removed.

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