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    Well, I think there are two types of “patents are bad” articles. The first type is they are bad so let’s burn the house down. The second type is they are bad so let’s fix the problem in a targeted way. The former type is silly imo, the latter could be constructive.

    Besides, it’s kind of hard to write an article about how everything is wonderful in the patent world, so I guess you are correct that academia has to criticize patents to some extent.

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      Tsk tsk – “so I guess you are correct

      You have managed to assert the very opposite of what I actually stated: do NOT attempt to twist my condemnation of Academia into any sort of praise (faint or otherwise).

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    Judge Rules Apple Watch Infringed AliveCor’s ECG Patent, Setting Up Potential U.S. Import Ban (Source: Fierce Healthcare)

    So, I didn’t read the facts, but I presume we can count of the claims being found to be invalid in some way or another.

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      As usual, the selection of articles carries the taint of “patents are the bad” (and some even give direct “credit” to Lemley.

      Academia being Academia.

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