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10 thoughts on “Patently-O Bits and Bytes by Juvan Bonni

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      Is it still relevant? He cites figures about institution rates that are totally obsolete by now.

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    Here’s an interesting patent nugget that made its way into a post over at Volokh.

    link to

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    The Richard Epstein piece was included in the 2 Oct edition. Why is it being reprised in this edition as well?

    1. 1.1

      So we can point and laugh all over again?

    2. 1.2

      Clearly, these “snippets” have long been a reflection of the desired editorial narrative.

      It is funny though how Malcolm chimes in, given that the particularly noted item is attempting to diminish the stick of the patent grant.

      1. 1.2.1

        anon, the WSJ is so biased that they delete comments that include the word M a r x i s t.

        Also, I cut and pasted Thomas Sowell’s words into one comment and the WSJ deleted it and said it violated community guidelines.

        It is pretty clear that the WSJ has these M a r xists that are reading all the comments and deleting comments that don’t fit their narrative.


          Where is this “WSJ” inference coming from? None of the items here reflect that source.

    3. 1.3

      Looks like a neo-M arxist to me. I really don’t get how anyone can support the idea that some wa n k sits back and figures out how things should be.

      You need markets. W a n k ho l e judges need to apply laws and keep their h a nd s out of their gen it al region while deciding that they can figure out how things should be.

      F’ing Marxi sts.

      1. 1.3.1

        Sorry, I do not quite understand whom you mean. Are you calling Prof. Epstein a Marxist, or the judges who do not presently follow Prof. Epstein’s maxim?

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