Patent Law Primer: A Newsletter Series on Key Patent Law Topics

I am happy to announce the launch of my newsletter series, “Patent Law Primer: A Short Introduction to Key Issues in Patent Law,” currently distributed through LinkedIn. This series is designed for a broader audience, making it accessible for anyone interested in the subject, not just patent attorneys.

Each essay delves into legal and practical aspects of various patent law topics while weaving in stories of notable court cases and patent disputes, in an attempt to provide readers with more memorable context.

I have already published the first three essays in the series:

  1. When to File a Patent Application
  2. A Primer on Obviousness
  3. Patent Claim Construction

Over the next year or so, I plan to explore an extensive list of about 50 topics. I welcome your thoughts and suggestions on this project, as well as any specific areas of interest you’d like me to cover in future essays.  Your input will help make this newsletter series a useful and engaging resource.

— Dennis

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    Dennis when I state that AI is not going to happen, you block my posts. Is this you blocking my first amendment rights or controlling the narrative because you claim blog rights?

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