Devil’s Dictionary of Patent Law

Longtime patent attorney Martin Abramson just sent me a copy of his short 153 page book titled The Devil’s Dictionary of Patent Law & Beyond: Tapping the Funny Bone of Patent Law.  I just spent 10 minutes flipping through and did actually laugh out loud at one of the squibs.

The Devil’s Dictionary of Patent Law and Beyond by Martin Abramson fills a long-standing humor gap in patent law. It contains diabolical definitions, hilarious cartoons, and amusing anecdotes on patent law and the general law environment in which it exists. Where there’s satire, clarity follows, and as in the original Devil’s Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce, the droll definitions in the present book have the “ring of truth.” The author has more than 40 years of IP experience and a deep knowledge of its history, so along with the patent law are showcased the little known gems of patent lore.

Also a great gift for those fortunate enough to have a patent attorney in your life.

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