IBM and Intel license blade server specifications, but not associated patents


IBM and Intel have announced a general license agreement on their patented blade server technology. This move is expected to create a level of standardization in the blade server market. (The Register).

The license (PDF) is directed at “copyright and trade secret rights in the Specification, to use the Specification for the limited purpose of designing and manufacturing Licensed Products, and to reproduce a limited number of copies of the Specification as is reasonably necessary to design and manufacture Licensed Product.”

Most notably, the license does not extend to patents, patent application, or trademarks.

Licensors grant no license … under any patents, patent applications, mask works or trademarks of the Licensors. Licenses under any patents of IBM or Intel will be addressed in separate patent license agreements.

Instructions for registering for a license are available here.

Note: This move falls in line with IBM’s open source philosophy. However, it is important to note that IBM and Intel may likely retain control over much of this technology through their vast patent portfolios.