Patently-O Tidbits

  • PatentlyOImage033FEDERAL CLERKSHIPS: Cliff Holmes, a college classmate of mine, has written the book on Federal Clerkships.  The 2005–2006 guide is now available online.  Access is free to GWU, Northwestern & Emory Law student — everyone else will have to pay.
  • PTO INSIDER INFO: I recently ran across a great new patent law weblog — “Just a Patent Examiner.”  This patent examiner writes anonymously and opens up a window to his examination process.  Great work!
  • PATENT BLOG: Another nice patent law blog is by Robert Plotkin. Check out “Automating Invention.”
  • INTERNET CASES: Attorney Evan Brown’s review of disputes involving the Internet is one of the best resources on the net.
  • PATENT REFORM: Minnesota based patent attorney Brad Pedersen presented the following commentary and suggestions on the Patent Act of 2005.  File Attachment: Comments on HR 2795.DOC (70 KB)
  • PRACTICE TIPS: Form PTO-1449A asks for more information information that is required under the rules of practice.  This form [GenericIDS.rtf (69 KB)] may help you provide the required information without looking like you are hiding anything.