Patently-O Tidbits

Patent Reform Scholarship

  • [Link] Professor Daniel Cahoy (Penn State) argues that patent reform is best accomplished through an incremental approach rather than through comprehensive changes. An Incrementalist Approach to Patent Reform.
  • [Link] James McEwen (Stein McEwen & Bui) has also published his article on Patent Reform — Is the Cure Worse Than the Disease? An Overview of the Patent Reform in John Marshall’s RIPL.  Although appears dead for 2005, the same issues will rise again next year.

Patentable Subject Matter:

  • IPO filed its amicus brief in LabCorp v. Metabolite. [Read the Brief].  The brief supports neither party, but argues that the limits of patentable subject matter under 35 USC section 101 are already properly defined.  The brief was approved by the IPO Board of Directors and written by Paul Berghoff, Joshua Rich, and Dennis Crouch. 


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