Patent Mediation — Patently-O Book Review


Patent Mediation

Edited by Kathleen M. Scanlon and Helena Tavares Erickson
Published by International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution (CPR)

38 pages; $50 from CPR [Link].

Wow.  This is a great introduction to mediation in the patent world.  I am a big believer in mediation for patent cases, especially when the amount of damages is less than $10 million.  The book presents a five-step approach to mediation:

  1. Deciding whether and when to mediate;
  2. Selecting a mediator;
  3. Pre-mediation planning;
  4. Mediation sessions; and
  5. Mediation outcome.

The book tip-toes lightly through each step and evaluates the potential decisions and their trade-offs.

You may be thinking $50 for 38 pages????  But didn’t you just send out a $11,000 check for drafting of a 20 page application that probably includes typos? Apparently, if you join CPR, you will receive a 40% discount.