Supreme Court Denies RIM’s BlackBerry Appeal

ImagefromWSJThe Supreme Court today refused to hear RIM’s BlackBerry appeal — another in a series of setbacks in RIM’s patent defense. The Court’s refusal to grant certiorari means that this case will quickly come to a head at the district court level. A hearing is now expected within the next few weeks to determine the scope of any eventual injunction that may be issued.

On a broader scale, the Federal Circuit’s decision opened the gate for patentees to assert their patents against “transnational” systems. In RIM’s case, the appellate court held that NTP’s patent’s could be infringed even though the BlackBerry maker’s routers and servers were located in Canada.


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    Ding! NTP vs. CrackBerry round #3728 (and I/O brush)

    In today’s IT Blogwatch, RIM’s BlackBerry woes continue — you didn’t think you’d heard the last of it, did you? Not to mention MIT’s really cool I/O brush…

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