The Generic Challenge: Patently-O Book Review

GenericChallengeThe Generic Challenge: Understanding Patents, FDA & Pharmaceutical Life-Cycle Management
By: Martin Voet

$24.95 from Amazon.

Book Review: I read the Generic Challenge in one evening.  It is easy to read, anecdotal and short (100 pages).  My favorite portions of the book were Chapter 2 (pharmaceutical patenting strategy) and Chapter 7 (drug life-cycle management).  It is hard to believe that so much information and seasoned advice is packed into this little book.

Generic Challenge is not written as a reference for experts.  Rather, the book is written as an introduction for readers who are new to the field and interested in the topic.  Because patents are now so fundamental to the business of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, I would recommend this book to virtually everyone working in those industries regardless of whether you will deal directly with patents.

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