NTP v. RIM — Pending Injunction

February 24, 2006 is a big day in the ongoing NTP v. RIM BlackBerry dispute. The District Court may issue its decision on an injunction at the scheduled hearing.  NTP’s patents continue to be rejected at the PTO, but the PTO’s decision may be found worthless until it is eventually made final.

News Reports:

Quotes from the articles:

  • “Research In Motion Ltd. will probably be ordered to halt most of its U.S. BlackBerry e-mail service after a judge hears arguments today on a proposed shutdown.” Bloomberg News
  • “In my 30 years of practice, I’ve never seen an accused infringer take a harder line in the face of a potential injunction that could cripple its business,” San Diego patent attorney John Benassi
  • “The least likely thing to happen is that at 5 p.m. Friday (today) everybody’s BlackBerry is going to get shut off.” Scott Creasman, Powell Goldstein
  • “[Judge Spencer is] quick to make up his mind.” Jim Stuckey (Former clerk).
  • “There are no legal reasons why the judge shouldn’t [grant the injunction].” Richard Kelly, Oblon Spivak.
  • “If its software design-around was really a satisfactory option and plainly does not infringe, I believe they would have distributed it months ago.” George Wheeler, McAndrews Held Malloy.
  • “The judge does not appear phased by the [PTO’s] reexamination of the patents, and is not giving in to the government’s efforts to slow the process on hardship grounds.” Douglas Miro

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