New Blog: Jim Hawes’ IP Thoughts

My mentor Jim Hawes has been a patent attorney for almost fifty years.  Now, he has started his own blog: IPthoughts ( A couple of his recent posts caught my attention. 

Another recent project of Jim’s is garnering some attention: IP Law Book Reviews.  I have also been working with Jim to co-author the bi-annual updates of Patent Application Practice 2d.

2 thoughts on “New Blog: Jim Hawes’ IP Thoughts

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    Thank you for introducing IPthoughts to us. I browsed this website with great interest. Article ‘The Risks of Being a Patent Attorney’ is absolutely a good read but the unique (and not ‘weird’), combination of technology, law, and language adds charm, challenge, excitement, and unmatched satisfaction to this profession. It is only in this profession one gets to wear different hats – all at the same time and on the same shoulders! Kudos to all the wonderful patent attorneys and agents out there.

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