Book Review: Errors and Omissions

Review-in-short by Mark Lemley,
William H. Neukom Professor of Law, Stanford University


Errors and Omissions
A novel by Paul Goldstein,
Stella W. and Ira S. Lillick Professor of Law, Stanford University

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A legal thriller about copyright law? And not even about trial, but about rights clearance in order to get errors and omissions insurance? Not likely. But my colleague Paul Goldstein‘s new novel, "Errors and Omissions," grabs your attention from the first page and never lets it go. He manages to work murder, chases, love, McCarthyism, the Hollywood blacklist, and a trip to Europe into the otherwise mundane life of a down-on-his-luck copyright lawyer. Along the way, he keeps us entertained with a quick and enjoyable read.

I am reliably informed that Paul’s next novel will be a thriller about patent law, featuring a Markman hearing.  Talk about raising the bar . . .


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