PatentDocs: Biotech & Pharma

Blog technology has turned out to be an extremely powerful way for attorneys to rapidly communicate with with the world. Although powerful, only a small percentage really do it right. I am very proud to present the newest blog emerging from McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff attorneys: Patent Docs. They do it right!

PatentlyO2006012The Authors of "Patent Docs" are patent attorneys and all hold doctorates in a diverse array of biotech and chemical disciplines (hence the name Patent Docs).  In addition to in-depth case reviews, the site also has a number of useful regular features, including Biotech News, Court Reports, PTO Rules Updates, and Patent Profiles.
Check it out!

Blogs by MBHB attorneys:

  • Orange Book Blog — You might ask how many PhD’s are on staff at MBHB — too many to count. The OBB is written by two more Docs, Aaron Barkoff, PhD and David Harper, PhD. (Mark Chael, PhD is doing double-duty).
  • Patently-O (I barely have a BS).