Most Litigated Patents 2005-2007

PatentLawPic047The following table lists the patents asserted most often in patent infringement litigation since January 2005.

  • Patent No. 5,790,512. Asserted by electronics giant Koninklikje Philips in 29 separate lawsuits.
  • Patent Reissue No. 38,014. Asserted by Mag Instruments in 29 separate lawsuits.
  • Patent No. 5,313,229. Asserted by F&G Research in 24 separate lawsuits.
  • Patent No. 4,792968. Asserted by Ron Katz in 19 separate lawsuits.
  • Patent No. 6,766,304. Asserted by Trading Technologies in 17 separate lawsuits.
  • Patent No. 5,352,605. Asserted by Monsanto in 17 separate lawsuits.
  • Patent No. 6,241,739. Asserted by Altair Instruments in 16 separate lawsuits.

Interestingly, only two of these patents appear to be controlled by non-practicing entities.

(From Westlaw Patent Litigation Data)

10 thoughts on “Most Litigated Patents 2005-2007

  1. or invent your own product to satisfy the market demand and leave the non-practicing patent owner with nothing. (wait, sorry that would require innovation by the infringer).

  2. “Is a “non-practicing entity” not like the owner of an office building who does not rent space in his own building? Why would we then segregate these owners?”

    Not really. In the office building example there is a choice to rent in another building or build your own building and practice the same activity. In the case of the patent owner, the activity sought to be practiced is banned unless you play in his sandbox.

  3. Agree with Alan McDonald. Consider the suits brought by Orion in EDTX, naming dozens of unrelated defendants each time. Probably over 200 separate defendants in those matters to date.

  4. I think your summary misses one big point. It does not take into account suits filed against multiple parties. For example, in the Solaia suits over programable logic controller software (I was employed by one of the defendants in one of the suits by this troll) it was normal for Solaia to sue 6-10 companies at a time. Maybe fewer suits, but possibly more parties involved.

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