Patently-O Bits and Bytes No. 8

  • Upcoming Events:
  • Web Seminar on the implications of Nuijten and Comiskey on Business Method Patenting on Feb 14, 2008 hosted by the World Research Group (WRG) [Link] Patently-O readers receive a 20% discount with code NGD759.  (Regularly $299).
  • Web Seminar on Tafas v. Dudas on Feb 5, 2008 hosted by the Washington Legal Foundation (WLF). (FREE)
  • Cambridge, MA: Feb 14, 2008, PIUG 2008 Boston Biotechnology Meeting hosted by Genzyme. $50 registration fee (must register by Feb 7).
  • Nuijten and Comiskey are mentioned above. These cases are still under consideration at the CAFC for en banc rehearing.  Although rehearings are usually denied, one of these cases (or a consolidation) will likely be re-heard en banc — especially considering the mixed messages that patentees and the public have received regarding patents the extent that patent scope may be divorced from any specific technological innovation. Two other cases, Bilski (Bryson, Clevenger, Moore) and Ferguson, are still pending as well.
  • Speaker Needed: Cyberlaw and Data Privacy Committee needs a speaker for February 19.
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