Law Student Interns at PTO

The USPTO is maintaining its 8-week summer student internship program and is accepting applications now. The position is likely unpaid and does not provide housing or food. However, many law schools will offer credit to students for completing the internship. The Office of Patent Legal Administration (OPLA) and the central reexamination unit will both be working with summer interns.

To apply for the Summer Volunteer Program (SVP), send a cover letter, resume and transcripts via e-mail to with the subject line “Student Employment: Summer Volunteer Program.”

14 thoughts on “Law Student Interns at PTO

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    I’ll give 6 this… he actually allows stuff. He sounds like he’d be a total PITA to deal with, but at least he does allow patentable applications. I believe he admitted to allowing 7 applications in the FOAM out of his last 70. That’s actually pretty good. He’s also said that most of his applications end up amended into allowance.

    That’s a far cry better than some of the examiners I have encountered who will, literally, allow NOTHING. It doesn’t matter how you amend, they’ll just keep tossing references in. 7-way 103 using references that teach away from each other and are completely not combinable? Some examiners are just fine to do that to you.

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    Lighten up, we’re not upset with you (although we may often disagree with you). Keep your chin up, we’re just pulling your leg some.

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    *covers up poster of 6 and replaces with poster of Noise*

    No, it’s Noise season.

    Seriously though, why are you guys so upset about me thinking about dismissing an argument out of hand because the evidence isn’t proper (no 132, and there migth be problems with 1.671). I mean come on, it isn’t like I’ve done it yet.

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    Why does everybody pick on No. 6.
    It is not nice to be nasty to retarded dickheads.
    (can I say that?)

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    maybe one of those volunteers should serve as acting Director until the next one is officially appointed. How much worse could it be?

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