Bits and Bytes No. 108

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    In reference to David Simon’s testimony, it would be interesting to see statistics for patent infringement suits by NPEs over the course of the last 100+ years. My gut tells me that patent infringement suits by NPE’s have been common for over 100 years. Sure, they might be more prevalent now, but Simon acts as if the sky began falling 10 years ago. Of course Simon also conveniently ignores the fact that Intel has cross-licensing agreements with almost all of its major competitors. Clearly, the increased use of cross-licensing has had an effect on the number of competitor infringement suits for companies like Intel (not to mention the anticompetitive nature of some cross-licensing).

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    Texas is a great, great state.

    The term “six flags over Texas” comes from the multiple countries that have claimed the territory.

    We should all be proud to have Texas in the United States of America.

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    Dear Alan McDonald,

    Didn’t you know that trolls are lawyers who work for organized international cartel members who have to prey upon independent inventors because these global thieves are not smart enough to innovate and invent stuff in-house?

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    If you vote Texas off the island, where will the trolls file their suits?

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    Isn’t San Antonio located in the tentative nation of Texas? Have they seceded yet, and if not, why not? Since they seem to be dilly-dallying now that they need federal swine flu money, can the rest of us vote Texas off the island (Survivor-style)?

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    Patent Prospector provides an excellent retort to David Simon’s (Intel) whining.

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