Patently-O Bits and Bytes No. 301

Jobs Postings from the Past Week:

Interviewing Director Kappos: Tony Mauro writes a comical story about one reporter’s quest to interview David Kappos:

[W]hen ABA Journal senior writer Terry Carter got nowhere in his recent effort to reach Patent and Trademark Office director David Kappos . . . he decided on a characteristically novel approach: on Tuesday he drafted and posted a humorous patent application for a “method to get an interview with USPTO Director David Kappos.” Edward Adams, editor and publisher of the ABA Journal, wrote in this story at the Journal Web site, “We figured the problem was that Carter was not speaking the agency’s language.” [Link][Read the Application]

Next Federal Circuit Judges and en banc petitions:

  • There is currently one open slot on the Federal Circuit. In the interim, it should be statistically slightly easier to get the court to agree to an en banc rehearing. Instead of convincing seven of twelve (58%), now a successful petitioner need only convince six of eleven (55%).