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    Now I know why you put that out there Malcolm?
    How come it wasn’t allowed before Malcolm?
    I spent all of 10 years sending the same stuff over and over.

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    Don’t know if it related, but it appears that most pages related to the case that were previously published from IPWatchdog.com have been removed from the website. I’ll assume that this was part of the Settlement Agreement.

    No shortage of non-Watchdog hits on Google when you search “Inventhelp” and “scam”. However, when you search “Inventhelp” alone, you have to click to the second page of hits to find articles relating to alleged scams.

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    I think it is a good Independence Day for Gene Quinn, his wife, and those fine folks over at IPWatchdog.com.

    In January 2010, PatentlyO published the fact that Invention Submission Corporation (“Invent Help”) sued IPWatchdfog.com and Gene Quinn:

    link to patentlyo.com

    Gene might be “gagged” from disclosing the matter any further, but I am not. Therefore:

    (1) I note that Gene, his wife, and IPWatchdog entered into a confidential Settlement Agreement with Invent Help around May 17, 2010. This is noted from the documents found in the docket of the Northern District of New York as provided by PACER — Case No. 5:10-cv-00074 (Invention Submission Corporation t/d/b/a InventHelp v. IP Watchdog Inc, Eugene R. Quinn, and Renee Quinn):

    (2) The case was terminated on June 4, 2010.

    (3) Don’t know if it related, but it appears that most pages related to the case that were previously published from IPWatchdog.com have been removed from the website. I’ll assume that this was part of the Settlement Agreement.

    (4) I am glad that Gene and his wife reached finality in the matter.

    (5) I hope the cost of the matter was de minimus for them.

    (5) I hope the cost of the matter was not de minimus for Invent Help.

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    Dear Actual inventor,

    I Second your Declaration for Independence Day!

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    To all:

    If you want to celebrate our revolutionary heritage, go get a copy of the movie musical 1776 (the complete edition distributed in 2002 and in letterbox format). Not only entertaining but with many historical accuracies about how and why we broke away from England. Also showing (accurately) that we, as colonists, weren’t of one mind about breaking away from England. A must for every American, and the one movie I would recommend to all visitors to the USA if they want to understand our historical roots. BTW, I saw 1776 on Broadway as a teenager and it has stuck with me from then on.

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    If you get a Scientist on board, he or she will tell you Mooneys right dead on. The burn, the gas and the fumes will absoulutely destroy the upper layers. And it will take hundreds of storms to stir up the natural gas if it ever can. And where do you think if it is able to escape, goes? Sort of like something I have heard a few times in my life in regards to one thing or another. and above so below. What do you think that hole there up in the Sky is from, moon cake?

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    Well what a wonderful 4th of July it was with Bilski as the ulitimate gift and prize!

    Now I know why the Supremes waited so long. It was to give us Actual Inventors a real reason to parrrrty!

    Bilksi is a victory for Constitutional Rights, Inventors rights, patents, capitalism and the American way!

    How sweet after three long years of battle to see the anti patent crowd silenced, cowed, and smacked down by the most high Court!

    Mooney, that great Inventor of known sentence fragments and obvious pseudonyms,


    6, the epic poster of 1000 word manifestoes from Steven’s Diehr dissent,


    And made to look as irrelevant as his feeble hero.

    Ned, who turned on us Inventors at the last hour to champion the non sense of the Stern Useful Arts paper,


    And it will be forever remembered on that great day when Justice Kennedy laid down the law of the land……

    Actual Inventors did not go quietly into the night!

    Actual Inventors did not go without a fight!


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    “And our sun is slowly dying,”

    And that is about the lamest comparison I can think of. But, hey, it’s Mooney – no big surprise here.

    Move along folks. Just the subway bum comparing man-made disasters to an obscure cosmological phenomenon. Although it does qualify Mooney for his own non-sequitur of the millenium award.

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    >>And our sun is slowly dying, too. Why aren’t >>we doing something about that?

    So, MM, when a pipe bursts in your aunt’s basement, you sit there and contemplate the dying of the sun?

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    I ain’t sad. I will do just fine.
    One way or the other, I’m gonna find yah I’m gonna getyah, getyah,getyah.

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    And by the way, there are still millions of barrels of oil per day spewing into the Gulf.

    Wonder what the administration is doing about it? Oh wait …. NOTHING.

    And our sun is slowly dying, too. Why aren’t we doing something about that?

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    RabbleRouser (aka RWA)

    The filter ate my post (and I didn’t even have the ha_te word in it).

    What I did have in it was a dig on my “cheesy” song lyrics being quite catchy and how thats gotta drive ya nuts.

    I also pointed out that sarah is alot smarter than ya give her credit and that she knows that my lyrics are in support of her. Funny how it is you that seem to indicate a desire for her submission.

    You with the sad eyes
    Don’t be discouraged
    Oh I realize
    It’s hard to take courage
    In a world full of people
    You can lose sight of it all
    And the darkness inside you
    Can make you feel so small

  13. 13

    Dear sarah,

    There may be medicinal herbs that could help your situation. Alternatively, you could let ping lull you into submission with those cheesy song lyrics that you gush over. In any case, Rosie’s not here.

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    “our collective patriotism?”

    LOL, I think the party appartchiks in Russia co-opted the term “patriot” too. I can tolerate my socialistDemocratic countrymen as long as they are not stealing the bread off of my plate. Wonder how long it will take the Chicago thug/socialists to destroy our great country? I personally have no sense of “collective patriotism” for collectivists that want to take my hard earned money and use it to prop up those that don’t do anything productive and who want to make more of their own non-productive kind while simultaneously catapulting our country into an economic cr@p heap.

    And by the way, there are still millions of barrels of oil per day spewing into the Gulf.

    Wonder what the administration is doing about it? Oh wait …. NOTHING.

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    Wait, can someone explain how the patent is not obvious? I really, really need to know this for my design patent of the moon cake. Once it issues, I will sue bakeries everywhere!

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    Dear Rabble & Znutar,

    Let’s face reality: International cartels are the behind strategic curtains in all three branches of our beloved republic.

    Our Constitution, and our very Independence, are at risk.

    Independence Day, especially, should be an awakening to reality, before it is too late..

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    A few days each year civilized folk set aside partisanship and celebrate our collective patriotism and/or humanity. Thank you for leaping up to spew your political opinion all over this blog on one such day. Looking forward to your vitriol on Christmas. Isn’t there a Hutaree BBQ you should be at?

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    American Revolution

    French Revolution

    Declaration of Independence?

    Declaration of the Rights of Man?

    Choices. Choices.

    Back to Paul Cole — you English lost the American Revolution, but, in the end, beat the French Revolution. But, as we have seen, you cannot beat ideas and that is what is the most significant thing we can learn from both.

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    corrupt socialists

    Fresh insight from the Department of Doubly Redundant Short Pithy Sayings and Aphorisms Department.

    PS, we are here to help.

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    Happy nothing…

    Our great county has been hijacked by a bunch of corrupt socialists. Look forward to a new Independence Day – independence from Democrats and Big Government.

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    My I re-open my annual contest?

    You are a courtier to George III and have to tell him of the unfortunate loss of the American colonies, but nevertheless put a positive spin on the event.

    My best thought so far is: “Well, your Majesty, at least we will not have to play cricket against them.”

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