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I worked with my former firm MBHB on a special Bilksi edition of their newsletter.

  • Snippets can be downloaded here:
  • Topics include:
    • Viewpoints on Life After Bilski v. Kappos 
    • With Bilski Having Come and Gone, It's Time to Get Back to Work 
    • Avoiding Abstract Claims by Broadly Defining the Problem 
    • A Critique of Bilski's Textual Analysis 
    • Questions Surrounding a Shift to an "Abstract Idea" Test
    • Bilski v. Kappos: Effects on Biotechnology Patents

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Patent Law Pro Bono and the Federal Circuit Bar Association

  • The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit handles several distinct types of cases.  The largest dollar-value cases typically involve patents.  The veteran and government personnel appeals are usually worth much less.  Many patent litigators have begun handling these lower-value appeals on a pro bono basis.  Professional representation in these cases helps insure that justice is served. In a recent ceremony, Federal Circuit Chief Judge Rader and CAVC Chief Judge Greene honored the volunteers for their service.  Four particular attorneys deserve special praise for their efforts: Ron Smith, Blair Taylor, Dion Messer, and Paul Eaglin (as well as Jim Brookshire of the FCBA).  Others who were recognized at the ceremony include: Mark Abate, Alan Anderson, Michelle Armond, Reynaldo Barcelo, Alyson Barker, Dawn Marie Bey, Elizabeth Brenner-Leifer, Carl Bretscher, William H. Burgess, John Bustamante, Kurt Calia, Mary Calkins, Steve Carlson, Virginia Carron, Yar R.Chaikovsky, Connor Civins, Bradley Coburn, David Cohen, Kristin M. Cooklin, Donald Curry, Steve Daniels, Lauren A. Degnan, Kirk Dorius, John Dragseth, Helen Dutton, Paul Eaglin, Geoffrey Eaton, Brian Edmunds, Sam Ernst, James Erwin, Cecilia Fex, Bob Fuhrer, Anthony Garza, Shane Glynn, Daniel Graham, Joshua Graham, Maximilian Grant, Frederick Hadidi, Thomas Halkowski, Jason Harp, Cathy Harris, Edmund Haughey, Nathan Henderson, Dan Herzfeld, Todd Hettenbach, Christopher Hower, Richard Hung, Christopher Ryan Johnson, Harold Johnson, Lawrence Kass, Lisa Kattan, Rudy Kim, Brian Kramer, Kevin T. Kramer, Deanna Kwong, Brad Lane, Steve Lauff, Lewis E. Leibowitz, Greg Lipper, Christopher Liro, John Livingstone, Christopher Longman, Doug Lumish, Chris Martiniak, Duane Mathiowetz, Aaron Maurer, Scott P. McBride, Scott McCaleb, Michael McCaleb, Ryan McCarthy, Richard McLaren, Dion Messer, John Molenda, Brian Pandya, Chad Pannell, Lee Perla, Matthew Phillips, Janet Phipps Burkhead, Thomas Puppa, George Quillin, Courtland Reichman, Edward Reines, Elizabeth Roesel, Elizabeth Rogers Brannen, Joshua Rothman, Adam Samansky, Jeff Schwartz, Beth Shaw, Chad Shear, William J. Simmons, Michael Sink, John Skenyon, Ronald Smith, Eric Sophir, Robert Stanley, Henry Su, Blair Taylor, Bryan Vogel, Keith Vogt, Daniel Volchok, Steven Warner, Scott C. Weidenfeller, Andrew Woodmansee, Jennifer Wu, and Hunter Yancey.
  • If you are interested in pro bono service, contact Nece Jordan at