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    I truly feel sad from the loss of Steve Jobs. The world lost a great man, and he will be remembered in the same category as Newton and Ford. I truly don’t know where technology would be without him. Rest in Peace and may God be grateful for the work you have done on this earth.

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    “My first Steve Jobs computer was the Apple II c in 1984.”

    I still prefer those old school machines myself. So much character.

    As to Jobs, meh, seemed like a decent guy. A bit full of himself on occasion but overall quite the techman.

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    Same here! If I would have seen an iPad while I was working away on my Apple IIc back then, I would have fainted.

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    My first computer was also an Apple IIc (well, real computer — I had the Sinclair 2000 with audiocasette for saving things). At the time, it seemed so impressive and portable…

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    He was a great product manager. That is what he was.

    He was none of the other things. Product managers around the world know this and admire him. The other things people say he was–he wasn’t.

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    It was a tough day yesterday for losing historic figures. Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth also passed away yesterday at the age of 89. Rev. Shuttlesworth was truly a pillar of the early Civil Rights movement, repeatedly risking his life (for example, his home was bombed) and freedom (he was jailed repeatedly) to secure equal rights for African-Americans (and in a broader sense, for all Americans). I was very fortunate and honored to meet Rev. Shuttlesworth in either 2010 or 2009 at a Martin Luther King Day celebration held at out church (I live in the Cincinnati area where Rev. Shuttlesworth resided for most of his adult life). A true icon of the Civil Rights movement. He will also be missed.

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    AI, not one of those patents is for software running on a computer. Don’t try to steer this event to your own personal albatross.

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    RIP Steve

    My favourite has got to be D534,065.

    14 – count them! – inventors…

    Attention to detail, indeed.

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    Patent attorneys know better than most people, how rare and precious is the talent and energy, perspiration and inspiration, to make such inventions while at the same time having the wisdom to make the judgements that guide a huge company down the optimal path of business progress. It is terribly sad for everybody, to lose such a genius prematurely, the more so when one had the feeling that there was so much more exciting things still to come.

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    Nobody who watched the launch videos for many ground-breaking Apple products can deny the brilliance, design flair and technical excellence of Steve’s work, his unique personality and showmanship, and the generosity with which he acknowledged others in his team. His work touches all our lives, and his loss is like the loss of a personal friend. We will miss him.

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    RIP indeed for this “Actual Inventor”. As I look at the inventions mentioned above I find it hard to believe in this day and age there are people in the patent community that believe a computer running software is abstract and not a patent eligible machine. Yet if you invent an iron nail you pass 101 with flying colors.

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    A shame … never a big Apple fan … but I enjoy visionaries. Kind of like when Carl Sagan passed, it was a shame because it would have been fun to watch them react to their visions unfolding.

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