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    7th grade science class. I can still picture my teacher reciting it. Does everyone learn this rhyme the same way, with the chemist named “Willie”? It seems likely the name would vary from region to region …

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    Опасен при приёме внутрь концентрированных растворов. Вызывает выраженные деструктивные изменения, сходные с действиями щелочей. Летальная доза 30%-го раствора пероксида водорода (пергидроля) — 50—100 мл

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    Personal note to you both,
    Now if what I saw this morning right in front of me wasn’t a Flash of Genius wait till you see what’s next!
    So much for your FAS Theory.. Strike that you are full of S##T!

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    Is it just me, or when “6” uses the prepubescent phrase “lulz”, does anybody else throw up in their mouths a little?

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    y u no credit this to a chemistry cat meme-maker @ icanhascheezburger?

    One would have thought IP lawyers would pay more attention to IP rights … LOL

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    So… a couple of hydrogen atoms are walking down the street and one stops suddenly and starts patting around at his pockets, etc., looking confused.

    Asked by his companion if something is wrong, he says, “I think I lost my electron”.

    The companion asks, “are you sure?” and the first one replies,

    Yes, I’M POSITIVE.

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    “Higher concentrations, like 50% and 70% and 90%, are used for some industrial purposes, and as rocket fuel. The higher the percentage of peroxide, the more dangerous it is, and the more special handling it takes.”

    Next time try more than wikipedia for your trolling

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    I think harmful if in high concentrations (e.g., if drank a glass of it at a bar).

    High-concentration hydrogen peroxide streams, typically above 40%, should be considered a D001 hazardous waste, due to concentrated hydrogen peroxide’s meeting the definition of a DOT oxidizer according to U.S. regulations, if released into the environment.

    link to en.wikipedia.org

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    Zhog, to quote wikipedia, “Swallowing hydrogen peroxide solutions is particularly dangerous, as decomposition in the stomach releases large quantities of gas (10 times the volume of a 3% solution) leading to internal bleeding.”

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    H2O2 is more commonly known as “Hydrogen Peroxide”. It’s harmless to drink. Next time at least try wikipedia.

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