IP Hall of Fame Nominations

by Dennis Crouch In 2006, the publishers of the UK based Intellectual Asset Magazine (iam) founded the non-profit IP Hall of Fame to honor individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of IP law and practice. The process begins with nominations from the public and then voting by members of the 45 members of the IP Hall of Fame Academy. The Academy includes previous inductees to the Hall of Fame and a handful of additional members. (I am a voting member of the Academy but not the IP Hall of Fame). The focus is global and includes all areas of intellectual property law and practice.

Call for Nominations: The nomination process closes on December 9, 2011. To nominate someone, simply fill in the nomination form and supply a paragraph of between 50 and 100 words to support your nomination. The award ceremony and gala dinner will be held at the Estoril Casino near Lisbon, Portugal during the IP Business Congress in June 2012.

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  1. Is there an I don’t care vote?

    Yes! Just send Dennis $50 by PayPal with the message “For MM — Merry XMas!” and your vote will be registered. ACT NOW OR YOUR VOTE MAY NOT BE COUNTED!

  2. Gene the Quinn:

    In cooperation with the Practising Law Institute, I will be giving away 1 free PLI Patent Bar Review Course to one lucky individual. Entry is free, but to be eligible you must vote for IPWatchdog.com and tweet the vote count after your vote. To successfully enter your Tweet needs to say:

    Hey Gene, how about a cash prize?


  3. In related news….

    link to mediamatters.org

    Smith and Leahy are being honored [by Politico, as “Policymakers of the Year”] for the passage of the America Invents Act, a patent reform bill, which was “the only major piece of tech legislation signed into law in 2011 — a rare instance in which a bipartisan effort bore fruit.”

    Smith and Leahy are also the chief sponsors of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), and the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA), respectively. …

    Just about everyone hates these bills … but the entertainment industry loves them. And among the sponsors of the Politico awards gala is the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the video game industry’s chief lobbying group. According to disclosure records, the ESA has spent thousands of dollars this year lobbying in support of PIPA, designated S.968. …ESA has also donated $1,000 to Smith each election cycle going back to 2008. They donated $2,400 to Leahy in 2010.

    That a chief proponent of these anti-piracy bills is also a sponsor of an awards ceremony honoring the chief authors of these same bills is unseemly, to say the least, and Politico should disclose this relationship.

    Ah, there’s nothing quite so heartwarming as watching The Villagers pat themselves on the back at the end of each year

  4. I’m CEO of the IP Hall of Shame. Intellectual Ventures and Prometheus Laboratories have already been inducted. We’re looking for recommendations for additional nominees for 2012.

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