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    Thomas, sleeping? C’mon…his eyes are OPEN!

    He doesn’t want to hear Breyer’s 40% pie-chart babble or Kennedy’s 12%. He wants to hear what the parties’ suits have to say.

    (Besides, he’s daydreaming about Anita Hill.)

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    This seems roughly consistent with the Justices’ tendencies in just about every case, patent cases in particular. Breyer often goes for the long-winded hypothetical questions and the mini-speeches that aren’t really questions. Ginsburg and Alito are more vocal in other types of cases…

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    Maybe Thomas just falls asleep during the proceedings? Someone should poke him with a stick to make sure he’s awake.

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    Judging by the way Judges are is a good thing. People are also different. For example you find something out, and on top of that you find out other things. You tend to weigh what is more important… Justice or knowing who you are. Obviously justice is more important. And after a while knowledge of who you are is not important to you anymore because it wasn’t important to them until there was more that knowing who you were. Justice is way more important. I don’t even think who a person was is important anymore.. That is now boring! Justice is not.
    You know as in having bore a hole in a persons Heart. There is no Heart left to feel that knowing who you are makes a difference. My Heart is for my small circle that I have left.

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    So now because that Gray area got to see and maybe even mess up my File, has no right to keep me from seeing the File… AFTER ALL it is my File! So in 1998 when I gave the Files to an Atty, and when I last saw the FILE CONTENTS DATA PAGE, Gray was on it, and that was also in 1999. And that Atty gave me back my Files also in 1999? By golly, I must be on to something.
    I would guess around content #10 or #11 on the list. I really can’t be sure if it is one of those #s on the list. But it was right around that area.
    A couple more Days and I will be able to get a Copy. That will be a good thing.

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    Well I guess you’ve said it yourself a million times. You have two ears and one mouth. That must make Him a very understanding man of very few words.

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    Well, with Steven’s gone, it’s obvious that Breyer is really struggling to find a legal rationalization for his past views especially in Labcorp.

    Which goes to support my theory that it was really Steven’s that had the libs in such an anti patent mood.

    Like the Don would say, “Tattaglia was a pimp. But I didn’t know until this day in was Barzini all along.”

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    Re-title the graphic to “# of Lines” from “Time Spent” (unless you have a solid correlation between what you measure and what you are proclaiming).

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    It would be equally interesting to get a breakdown for each party, since Justices pretty reliably ask more questions of the side they are going to vote against. By that metric, my rough feel is that Mayo is toast.

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