Chief Judge Rader & Band DeNovo to “Rock” San Diego’s House of Blues

Guest Post by Ted Sichelman, Professor, University of San Diego School of Law

Aside from his international and national speaking tours, Chief Judge Rader recently embarked on a musical “tour” with his band, DeNovo. After playing a few IP-related events and a recent Federal Circuit holiday party, DeNovo—which also includes Professor Sean O’Connor of the University of Washington and Matthew Bryan of WIPO—is hitting the big time by playing at the House of Blues in downtown San Diego on Thursday, January 19. Bands from NuVasive and Qualcomm will open, and Dean for IP Studies at George Washington School of Law and former SG of the USPTO, John Whealan will MC. The bands are performing as part of University of San Diego’s Second Annual Patent Law Conference (click here for more info), taking place Friday, January 20. Chief Judge Rader will give the keynote address—other panelists include Judge Marilyn Huff, Judge Janis Sammartino, and Magistrate Judge Cathy Ann Bencivengo (Southern District of California), as well as Professors Colleen Chien, Mark Lemley, Robert Merges, Shine Tu, and John Whealan, and distinguished local attorneys.

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15 thoughts on “Chief Judge Rader & Band DeNovo to “Rock” San Diego’s House of Blues

  1. 14

    Now I know why he told me to let it go. now i know why he told me it didn’t matter. But now I know that he has even tried to take this too. you will be very very sorry!

  2. 12

    I’d say both companies are very familiar with Chief Judge Rader et al., it is probably healthy to have non-contentious meetings now and then.

    How about the USPTO, will the finest legal minds there make a contribution at this concert? Will we hear “6 and his Equitable Conductors”? Quite a few would pay to see that.

  3. 11

    “Pfizer and Qualcomm ”

    It seems a bit odd for these two to be sponsoring a “concert” of this type doesn’t it?

  4. 8

    I’m sure Judge Rader pays royalties to the copyright holders for the songs he plays. But will the fact that this concert is being sponsored by Pfizer and Qualcomm create a conflict of interest should one of their cases come before him? And if so, how the heck is a judge supposed to have any fun?

  5. 5

    As anyone familiar with Rader’s inequitable conduct decisions knows all too well, the man is a master of the tiny violin.

  6. 4

    I checked the calendar to make sure I didn’t slip into a coma sometime in January and wake up on April 1.

  7. 2

    “John Whealan will MC.”

    Maybe someone could be so kind as to interview the good dean and ask him if he actually believed any of the drivel he was a spewin’ in the Ariad Oral Args or if he just made it up/presented it to present the “other side’s view”.

  8. 1

    Chief Judge Rader, Matthey Bryan and others played at an evening reception at AIPLA under the name Pro Hac Vice. The British contingent, in particular, thoroughly enjoyed their memorable performance. If you can get to San Diego (which alas I cannot) this is an event not to be missed.

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