New IP Hall of Fame Members

Several years ago, Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) Magazine started the Intellectual Property Hall of Fame.  Each year, the organization requests nominations from the public and then asks members of its IP Hall of Fame Academy to vote for inductees. The fifty–member Academy is made up of living Hall of Fame inductees and a handful of others (including myself).

This year, six inductees were selected, including USPTO Director Dave Kappos and former Director Q. Todd Dickinson, former Copyright Register Marybeth Peters, trademark expert Professor Thomas McCarthy, Beatrix de Russe who has built Technicolor’s amazing patent licensing operations, and Alan Drewsen who is retiring from his position as longtime executive director of INTA. Congratulations on these new inductees.


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    New 101 case:

    link to

    Fort Properties v. American Master Lease

    A tax dodge method involving aggragating real estate and selling shares was found to be an unpatentable abstract ideas. All the steps were mental and abstract. The ties to the “physical world” through deeds, contracts, real estate and a computer were insignificant per Bilski and Flook.

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    Barbarossa, Stalingrad. Indeed, fantastic coincidences. Thanks Ned and 6 for publicising “Timur the Lame”.

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    Kudos and congratulations to Dennis for his very thoughtful testimony before the US House of Representatives. So what was up with the Cisco guy with the very bad hair and his very crooked tie? Tnanks a million for being there for us all Dennis.


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    Indeed, on further consideration, if induction is meant to honor movers and shakers in the IP world regardless of whether the person did something to advance the progress in science and the useful arts, then we should, in the Mover and Shakers of World History hall of Fame inlcude

    Timor the Lame
    Attila the Hun

    You get the picture.

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    Okay. If one recognizes that the IP Hall of Fame is not honoring people who contributed to the progress of science and useful arts, but rather honors those who are the movers and shakers of the IP world, then we are clear about what the IP Hall of Fame stands for.

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    Ned needs something to focus on – if he actually focused on things of substance, he would have to face his philosophical demise.

    Much better to switch gears and join a sockie-troll hunt, or to denigrate people who have been nominated to a fluff position on a meaningless side issue.

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    Sorta sad that some folks are so quick to make something very negative out of an article like this. Very well said Leopold!

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    Dude, it’s the Intellectual Property hall of fame, not the inventor’s hall of fame or the Useful Arts hall of fame. Relax.

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    And another thing…, If I have a special Software on my computer and I know this. Do you think I am the only one that knows this? And I’m not even in the Hook and Loop.

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    Actual Inventor…
    Did you know that weeks before I saw the Jackson Atty. I did nothing.. very little searching. And did you know the Atty. told me to write it.. Of course you do. Did he know I had a special software in my Computer? He may have… or he may have known I had special Software. But did you also know that the information and the filing of the most recent one…. was discussed in private, not on a loaded Computer. Never cookied and never typed, and never discussed not even in my home which may or may not have been wired. and was never for that reason. I’m talking YEARS…. So your timing again on this is going to be close but way off.And the History is what is going to bury you finally.

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    “Consider for just a second that I may have been at that table alright – but why limit it to sitting across from Phelps?”

    I think he is limiting it to that because if you’re sitting on the same side as Phelps he probably considers you a dou che as well.

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    Gordon Gekko was the man. Except he got sloppy.

    “Greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right. Greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures, the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all of its forms; greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge, has marked the upward surge of mankind and greed, you mark my words, will not only save Teldar Paper, but that other malfunctioning corporation called the U.S.A”


    The moral of “Wall Street” was always train your protege to fall on his sword if he should be so stu pid as to get caught.

    So Ned, please, don’t go dragging Gordon into this tiny squabble.

    In any event, if Ned says he’s an undeserving dou che then I will believe him.

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    To honor Phelps is to honor the likes of Gordon Gekko, aka, vulture capitalism personified. Such people bring a bad name to capitalism. A few more people like them, and we will have a repeat of France 1789, Russia 1917, China 1947 and Cuba 1959.

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    But until then, I can only tell you that you do not know what you are talking about.

    You are a p_ompous a@@.

    Consider for just a second that I may have been at that table alright – but why limit it to sitting across from Phelps?

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    Illegal? No.

    He truly has represented his clients well. I will also agree on that much.

    But have his actions done anything to advance the useful arts, something one should consider when inducting someone into an IP Hall of Fame, I seriously doubt it.

    If you have ever been across the table from Phelps or IBM or MS or IV, and you disagree with me, then I will truly consider your views. But until then, I can only tell you that you do not know what you are talking about.

    Having Phelps in the IP Hall tells us a lot about what that organization stands for. It is almost like honoring Selden and the Association of Licensed Auto Mfg. (link to

    and quite different from honoring the Wright Brothers.

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    Pardon me for my capitalistic leanings, but has anything Phelps done or said lead one to believe that he has done anything illegal, let alone immoral?

    On the other hand, One certain prolific blog poster known as Ned Heller has certainly behaved in far more offensive ways of subverting law and denying issues of fact merely to support an agenda and a philosophy that defies logic and reason.



    Sorry, but posts on those topics by Ned Heller have no force whatsoever.

    You can only blame yourself Ned.

    You have become…

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    Think on this: Marshall Phelps is an inductee, and original inductee. He transformed both IBM and Microsoft into IP powerhouses. He also co-founded Intellectual Ventures in 2001.

    Anyone who has been on the other side of the table from Mr. Phelps knows what the man is all about, what he stands for and what and who the organization is honoring.

    link to

    Dennis, the fact that you participate at all with the IP Hall of Fame with the likes of Phelps as an inductee gives that organization respect and credibility it does not deserve.

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    I understand the interest in recognizing the headway Mr. Kappos has made in reforming the Patent Office, but does no one else think it’s too soon to induct him into any Hall of Fame for IP? His ultimate impact on the agency is as yet indeterminate, and his advocacy for the AIA, which somewhat shamefully did not cease after he left IBM but grew more vocal, could ultimately be a blemish on his legacy, depending on how the legislation actually affects American innovation and the patent system. I do not necessarily oppose this induction, but propose it clearly comes prematurely.

    I wonder what the reaction would be if Mr. Dudas were to receive such an induction, given how the patent bar feels about his stewardship of the PTO.

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