Suffolk Law Event

by Dennis Crouch

On Friday (2/24) I will be speaking at a Suffolk University Law School day-long patent law symposium.  My panel will focus on patentable subject matter and will include commentary from Chief Judge Rader, USPTO Solicitor Ray Chen, and Boston attorneys Marry Murray, Paul Cronin, and Scott Pierce. Later in the day panels will discuss patent reform as well as ongoing litigation strategies.  I hope to see you there.


4 thoughts on “Suffolk Law Event

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    Please advocate for a return to a reliance on the statute, which is clear on its face and away from the judicially created thicket of desired outcome based contradictory nonsense.


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    To anticipate, expected results,
    Allowing something to be doubled, that’s anticipation.
    Me… I use old Toothbrushes to clean around my sink area. Could I claim and use the Toothbrush as a sink cleaner? No,not if it looks the same. Could I use two of the same thing to cover a wider area and get a patent for it? NO you can’t. Can I get a patent on my left front Tire and my right front Tire, and then do the back Tires the same way? NO!
    So if I went to Court and brought up a Patent that was exactly the same as the first but now doubled, that doubled Patent would be rendered worthless. And maybe even the first with a good Lawyer. Then why? More money than he knew what to do with? Was it to let him think you were doing him a favor? So what up?

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