H.R. 6621 has passed in the House

Yesterday evening, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 6621, titled “To correct and improve certain provisions of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act and title 35, United States Code.” The vote was 308-89. For the bill to become law, the Senate would need to take affirmative action before its December recess.

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    Dana Rohbacher is an illogical buffoon.

    Rohrabacher voiced support for the Taliban when they seized power in the 1990s, visiting Afghanistan when it came under their control, saying that the Taliban would provide “stability”, and eliminate threats to the United States. He also claimed the Taliban “intend to establish a disciplined, moral society”. He said he believed complete Taliban control over Afghanistan would be a “positive development”, that they were “devout traditionalists, not terrorists or revolutionaries”, and that “sensationalist” media coverage of the Taliban’s introduction of Sharia law was “nonsense”….

    During a House hearing on trans-atlantic relations, Rohrabacher stated that the unfair treatment of one innocent suspect is an acceptable “unfortunate consequence” of holding others who would otherwise be free to commit terror acts. After he received boos and groans from the gallery, Rohrabacher responded, “Well, I hope it’s your families, I hope it’s your families that suffer the consequences”, and “I hope it’s your family members that die”.

    Rohrabacher denies that global warming is caused by humans. During a congressional hearing on climate change on February 8, 2007, Rohrabacher mused that previous warming cycles may have been caused by carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by “dinosaur flatulence.”

    Did I mention what political party he belongs to? Take a guess.

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    Dana Rohbacher was concerned about making public the existence of the applications because it would hurt applicants but raised not a peep about unilaterally killing the same the very same applications.

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    Do you know the number of the Senate bill?

    If the PTO is going to prepare a report on these pre-GATT apps, in addition to knowing which ones were delayed because of interferences or court proceedings, it is important to know which ones were delayed because of PTO (in)action or outright antipathy toward particular applicants (think Gilbert Hyatt). The bill passed by the House doesn’t appear to require that critical information, which would be easy enough for the PTO to provide: just give the full transaction history.

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